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Monday, June 04, 2007

Been a while since I've done one of these thingies but how can I refuse someone who donated the Bruno Gerussi Cookbook. Plus it gives me something to post about since I've been extremely lax about posting these days. Anyway Iíve been tagged by Swankola/bowling trophy to participate in a meme about the top 5 places to eat in my locale which would be Calgary, Alberta. I don't eat out as much as I used to - this tends to happen when you have no social life. And I thought about taking a truly craptastic approach like citing places like Olive Garden or Wendy's (The Hoff loves Wendy's burgers). But I can probably do a little better. So here goes.

King's Restaurant

King's Restaurant - 104 Meridian Road NE
Somedays you need grease...People seem to love the signature Wor Won Ton Soup - or as I like to call it, WHORE soup. I don't really go for that. I go for two things: grease and ambience. When I'm here it's usually for breakfast so i get the special omelette made with their special ingredients of Cheese Whiz and grease. Not just any grease. Grease from a griddle that hasn't been cleaned in 30 years. Grease with character. Similar to the grease in the Chicken on the Way deep frier but only in griddle form. As for ambience, think of a truck stop from 1975 and filled with the crazies you'd expect. You could spend the day people watching. One time, the guy in the next table entertained us all morning - then finished up with a line about trying to keep his hips lean followed by "I'm out on a day pass". Which of course added a new meaning to his concerns about his waistline. Anyway, there's a couple other King's locations around town but the one off Barlow is the best. And for hockey fans, Dany Heatley spottings have been known to happen.

Weston's 7-11

Weston's 7-11 - Northmount and Brisebois NW
Sometimes I need something fresh and healthy. Something that has healing powers. Something like a Dr. Pepper Slurpee. So of course there's only one place to get that and it's at 7-11. My prefered stop is Weston's 7-11 (named because Weston lives a couple doors down and it makes it easier to reference which 7-11 you're going to). It's generally cleanish and the Slurpee machines run fairly well. Now sure the Sev isn't the most glamourous place to eat, but if you were hungry I bet you could find something there. Like the other day when a lady of the evening was eyeing some Taquetos rolling on the grill. She had a mouth and she needed to fill it. Or maybe she was looking for something cylindrical to keep her skills up. Either way, 7-11 obliges all who come looking. No dress code either. Out of all the places listed, I'm probably here most often.

Lina's Italian Market

Lina's Italian Market - 2202 Centre St N
Not really a restaurant because it's an Italian market. Probably my favorite grocery store in Calgary. What most people forget is that Lina's also has a great little cafeteria in it. If you're putzing around and need to stop for a snack this is an awesome place to grab a coffee with some pasta or a panni and maybe a creamhorn too. Oooo I'd love a creamhorn. Lina's Expresso machine The menu here is better than what you see in a lot of restaurants and made fresh in the store. You can buy all sorts of crazy things here like lucky roosters and gobbo keychains. And when I get rich and famous I want an expresso machine just like theirs in my kitchen.

The Tiffin House

The Tiffin House - 188 28 Street SE, Calgary
Oh my god awesome butter chicken. The Tiffin house is a take out or eat in type place hidden in a non-descript strip mall off Memorial near the old location of Ikea. The wikipedia sums up the whole concept for rubes like myself. It's damn fine and damn reasonable in price. Did I mention the butter chicken? Fuck ya! Butter chicken. Love the sign too. Go there. Go there now.

Happy Valley Resturant

Happy Valley Restaurant - 100 D 3rd Avenue SE
You've seen it or driven past it but you might not have been in it. Right down in Chinatown overlooking Centre street from the second floor is the best greasy-spoonish Chinese restaurant. I love this place. Heaps of food and noodles and rice with that addictive taste of grease that's been aged just right. Tea that's served in a plastic tumbler that looks like it originally used at the K-mart cafeteria.

Chinatown is one of the most interesting places in Calgary - probably because it doesn't look like anywhere else in Calgary.

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